Which CBD is right for you? Our guide to choosing the right product

cbd oil and other cbd products

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From CBD oil in drops and sprays, to CBD skincare and CBD patches: we take the hard work out of knowing what’s right for you.

Since 2018, more of us are choosing to use CBD oil to support a healthy lifestyle. According to the Centre for Medical Cannabis, there are 1.3 million regular CBD users in the UK. Furthermore, a staggering 6 million tried it in the last year alone!

During the first wave of commercial CBD oil’s availability there were few strengths to choose from and even fewer methods of consumption. You could either buy CBD oil as drops, or… well, go without! Although in 2018 cannabidiol use had not yet hit the mainstream, consumption of CBD products quickly doubled from 125 000 to 250 000 users within the year.  

Fast forward to 2022 and the CBD market is booming, with approximately 1.3 million regular users in the UK and 6 million having used it in the last year! The CBD market has also diversified, introducing CBD cream, lotions, and CBD patches, as well as capsules and gummies, to the array of drops and sprays that already exist. CBD users are also embracing the transdermal route. This method uses the body’s own endocannabinoid receptors and bypasses the digestive tract which has difficulty absorbing the full potency.


How do I know which CBD oil is right for me?

Zen CBD is a trusted supplier of high quality, CO2-extracted, organic CBD oil in the UK. Here’s the Zen lowdown on everything you need to know about different forms of CBD and how they can benefit you:

CBD Oil drops

Zen CBD offers 7 strengths of organic CBD oil in a 10ml base of olive oil and hemp extract, from 300 mg for a low dose oil, to 3000 mg for a high dose oil.

It’s a good option to start with one of the lower strengths if you’re new to CBD oil. This approach will allow you to assess how sensitive you are to CBD, and how quickly you’re able to metabolise it. You can always increase it gradually once you know how you respond. As a rule of thumb, if you’re not used to CBD, it’s a good idea to take no more than 10 mg in a single dose.

The oil is a good choice if you need a dose of CBD for quick, immediate relief. If you hold it under the tongue to absorb, it will get to work straight away. You can keep it at home or it’s small enough to carry discreetly in a pocket or bag. Shop CBD Oil range.

CBD oil sprays

Zen CBD oil sprays provide a convenient, measured dose of organically certified CBD oil from 300 mg to 2500 mg. Like the drops, you can take these on the go for immediate relief when you need it. They work on the same principle as the drops, so hold them under the tongue for effective sublingual absorption. Try our CBD Oil Sprays, including orange, peppermint, coconut, and coffee.

CBD capsules 

If you’re searching for a fuss-free, specific dose and you know exactly how CBD affects you, then you should opt for Zen CBD’s capsules. Each capsule contains 15 mg of CBD oil, which you will absorb through the digestion. If you have compromised digestion, you may prefer to take a sublingual supplement (like the drops or sprays). Alternatively, you could also try one of the patches.

Relax CBD Patches

We’ve designed the Zen Relax CBD patches to work with the body’s own cannabinoid receptors on the skin, using the transdermal delivery method. This takes advantage of the blood supply in the skin, quickly and effectively increasing absorption in the local area. The CBD patches are ideal for days when you’re out and about and don’t have time to dose individual drops. They offer a continual slow release of CBD in a convenient, fuss-free topical application that stays put for 24 hours. In addition, there is no loss of absorption as the CBD bypasses the digestive tract. The patches come in two strengths of 10 mg and 15 mg. Try them HERE.

CBD Skincare

Zen CBD has developed 4 new products in its skincare range, each one providing a generous 500 mg organic, broad-spectrum CBD oil in total. They contain all-organic ingredients too, with nourishing botanicals and oils including shea butter and almond oil to glide easily onto the skin:

  • Skin Saviour: this is a multipurpose topical CBD cream with calendula and St John’s wort. It’s suitable for dry and dehydrated skin or inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.
  • Joint Rescue: soothing relief for tissues and joints, with stimulating rosemary and ginger extracts. As a CBD cream, this can be used for everyday complaints, or stiffness after exercise.
  • Warming Balm: a fiery combination of capsicum and black pepper enriched with warming ginger, turmeric, and comfrey. In terms of finding a CBD cream for pain, this is a great choice, because it creates a comforting deep heat for targeting stiff and sore muscles and joints.
  • Cooling Balm: this CBD cream creates a soothing, cooling effect for post-exercise joints and limbs. Contains icy menthol, turmeric, wintergreen, and comfrey. 

Finally, it’s good to know that all Zen CBD oil is produced in the UK. It’s also grown and harvested without pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or any other additives. It uses broad-spectrum supercritical CO2-extracted CBD, which is considered the gold standard of extraction. Finally, it contains virtually undetectable amounts of THC, the psychotropic fraction of CBD oil. Shop our full range of CBD skincare.