Our Story

There is a reason why Zen CBD has a distinctive, fresh taste. It is our care and attention to detail at every stage of production that puts that Zen feeling into our high-quality CBD. And thanks to our new transparent bottles, you can tell by its natural colour and aroma that you’re in good hands.

Although it resembles the cannabis leaf, our logo has no sharp edges. It is soothing and calming and contains the lotus flower image at its centre. As a universal symbol of purity and regeneration, it sums up our philosophy. Our supplement labels for our CBD oils and capsules now have a fresh, transparent look, in keeping with our ingredients.

Our hemp is organically grown in Europe and manufactured here in the UK. It is freshly harvested for production without delay, using a low-heat, supercritical C02 extraction, avoiding the need for solvents and preventing the burning of nutrients. We are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of CBD products to suit everyday needs, from creams and balms for topical application to oral drops and sprays, making it easy to be Zen when you most need it.

Why Zen CBD

When CBD was legalised for use in the UK in 2017 many new companies sprang up overnight. However, like the early days of the Wild West it became hard for the discerning customer to separate the reputable companies from the cowboy traders. In an environment where anyone can set themselves up as a CBD trader, it can be hard to know who to trust. We established Zen CBD in 2017 to meet the need for a reputable homegrown UK brand founded on solid principles of ethical, organic, and transparent manufacture.

Our CBD is extracted from organic hemp plants (cannabis sativa) grown under strict EU regulations and certified by the Soil Association. It is third-party lab tested to be free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and is GMO free. Our oils are flavoured naturally without additives or artificial sweeteners, just the natural earthy taste of high-quality cannabis sativa oil.

We are also members of the Cannabis Trades Association.

How are we unique

Easy to use

From drops with tasty flavours & different strengths to creams and patches, we have you covered.

0.00% THC

Our sensitive batch testing shows Zen CBD has barely detectable THC levels, giving you extra peace of mind.

Made in the UK

We are proud to be a homegrown company formulated by health professionals with decades of experience in plant medicine.

Organic Ingredients

Our CBD is harvested from organic hemp and certified by the Soil Association, which is the gold standard for organic farming in the UK.

Premium Quality

Only the highest quality CBD and the purest herbal ingredients go into our products. No synthetic additives, fillers, or GMO ingredients.

Third Party Lab Tested

All our hemp is batch-tested for 120 classes of contaminants, including pesticide/herbicide residues and heavy metals.

Did you know?

Hemp is known as a ‘phytoremediator’ and was sown after Chernobyl to absorb and remove toxins from the soil.

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